Pasquale D'Silva
Creative Director & Co-Founder of keezy.

1/3rd of The Design Dudes podcast.

Tell us about your creative person backstory!

ok! HI!!

Born in Sydney Australia. Grew up in Queensland. I’ve had a fascination with art & technology from a really young age. I loved drawing on paper, and drawing with a computer. I was very much self-taught.

Around 13-16 (high school), I was doing a combination of freelance work, under-studying with an ex 2d Disney animator, and working at a 3d VFX & animation division of Warner Bros. At the same time, I was taking much of what I learned & applying it to design for web. 

On my 20th birthday, I dropped out of college (while freelancing), to move to Vancouver BC, where I continued my work full-time. I then bounced around the United States, working in partnership with a countless number of companies, while I was working on immigrating. It’s tough getting into America without a college degree.

I ended up getting an O-1 Visa (which back then, was a lot harder to score). The verbose title for it is pretty fun to tell people about. It’s the "Aliens of Extraordinary Ability" Visa. 

I held a pretty fun position at clothing label Johnny Cupcakes, where I designed Toys, Cartoons and a few threads as an Animator, and Design Generalist.

I left to join MindSnacks as the Creative Director & first outside employee.

Then, I joined Elepath in San Francisco. It’s an experimental software company where I worked on an almost endless number of crazy interactive tools & toys.  We moved our team to Berlin last year for 3 months, and it was incredible.

From Elepath spawned my current project/obsession - Keezy. A music instrument which came out of a 2 day project, between me and software engineer Jarod Luebbert.

We started a new Elepath Studio (also Keezy HQ) in New York. I’ve been out here for about 2 months, and love it lots and lots.

In my spare time, I like scribbling, painting, making music, and writing/talking about interaction design.

I’m on drugs right now, because my wisdom teeth got pulled today. I hope this all makes sense!