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Colleges on the East Coast?

Ok guys. I need your help a lot. 

As you know, I had some silly problems with Visa crap, which meant I couldn’t take my awesome dream full-time jobs in America.

After a bunch of getting over it, I decided I should just suck it up and scoop up the rest of my degree and be awesome. A few reallllllly great people on the East-side are down to give me hugs and wonderful projects/work already. I just need to find a college to study at whilst making wonderful projects on the East. 

My main hubs in mind are New York City & Boston. Which colleges should I look at?

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  3. wpcandy answered: yo hit me up on AIM for this
  4. danambower answered: i know someone who is graduating from sva… very talented
  5. dannisaur answered: parsons. it’s in NYC and I believe is a great school for the arts.
  6. drevangough answered: Parsons!! and SVA
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